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Technology has not spared jailbirds and jail guards. Prisoners can escape the humdrum of prison life via the television systems. They can learn and play from taped demonstrations. On the other side of the fence, the system can keep tabs on the guards. How’s that?

Technology Makes Life Easier for the Jailbirds

Closed circuit television is a televised monitoring system that works by attaching a cable to designated viewing sets. The cameras transmit the pictures through the cable, so each area that has a camera can transmit images. A microphone can send clear audio from the monitored area to the main system.

With this technology, prisoners need not face a horde of reporters or the glare of cameras when going to court. They will appear in the courtroom via closed circuit television. Police officers or jail officers can rest easy, even if they have 10 prisoners lined up for the day in court because they are not going anywhere.

Instead of waiting for hours along the hallways shackled and handcuffed, the prisoners can take it easier in jail. They can focus on the judge and answer the questions with ease and confidence. The closed circuit television provides clear images and the audio function of the system is excellent. In the courtroom, the judge can see and hear the prisoner. The use of the television system is preferred during arraignments when the judge reads the charges lodged against the prisoner and the accused pleads guilty or not guilty.

Although not all counties are using the strategy of Potosi, a Washington County, the idea of closed circuit television as a better alternative to transporting a number of inmates to court, is becoming popular.

Prisoner Safety, Education, and Recreation henry led tv 32 inch

In prison, even inmates need maximum protection at all times. Determined jail wardens and guards on duty can prevent the escalation of gang wars and riots inside the jail grounds if they are alerted by video surveillance through the closed circuit television system. Furthermore, it can also serve as outlet for the prisoners’ thirst for knowledge and recreation. The Prison Closed Circuit Television Director will have a hand in instructing inmates’ television program production and plan out educational activities using the technology. This way of thinking in jail management provides inmates a respite from their dreary life. They can learn new skills and hope for a better life outside the high brick walls and barbed wires.

Guarding the Guards

If private employers keep an eye on their workers, prison officials should do well to monitor jail officers and personnel through the closed circuit television. This will indeed maximize work efficiency and deter the unlawful treatment of prisoners by the guards.

Horror stories about the cruel maltreatment of inmates are not fabricated, in fact several jail guards have been sued over the death of inmates. Perhaps the jail guards are forgetting that their task is to protect and at the same time guard the prisoners against escape and abuse from other inmates.

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