Electronic Rodent Repeller – Do These Really Work?

There are many in the world that have yet to discover the fact that many electronic devices contain precious metals that can be refined for cold, hard cash. This, by most definitions, is becoming the newest gold rush. In the US alone, thousands of pounds of gold are being refined from electronic scrap and this is bringing in some solid cash for those that have the time and put in the proper amount of effort. electronic shops koramangala

First let’s look at why gold is present in electronics. The short answer is conducting electricity. Gold is one of the best metals for conducting electricity and also it is so easy to work with that it can be pounded to micro thin layers meaning that less gold has to be used to achieve the high grade connection that this precious metal provides.

However, this does not mean that gold is always thin. In the older computers and electronics the gold is fairly heavy, making the older machines sought after by e-cycling companies around the world.

Now let’s put to rest a few myths about gold in computers and electronics.

Myth 1: There is thousands of dollars worth of gold in every computer.

The Truth: While it would be nice if this were true it is simply a myth. There is less than one gram in a computer, even in the older models. It takes a lot of computers to equal a significant amount of gold.

Myth 2: It is better to sell the computers whole rather than tearing them apart.

The Truth: This is completely false. Most local salvage yards are offering just.40 per pound for whole computer towers. This is less than 10% of what one can expect from high grade circuit boards per pound.

Myth 3: It is OK to simply throw electronics into the landfill.

The Truth: Not only is it dangerous to throw electronics away due to the mercury content, it is illegal in many areas. Several US States have passed laws that provide stiff penalties for those that dump electronics.

With all that said, recycling electronics can be an environmentally friendly and very lucrative career move. Those with the drive to succeed and will to work can earn a very comfortable living through the world of e-cycling.

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